Frequently Asked Questions

How's your SEO services better than others?

Quite a few reasons:

(i) Other SEO service providers perform only a fraction of the SEO activities we are providing. Eventually, you end up spending more money on individual activities or get locked into long-term contracts. Most SEO agencies try to upsell you more services and this SUCKS!

(ii) For local SEO, we follow a two-pronged strategy to optimize and organically rank your business website AND your GMB profile together. Our services include EVERYTHING to ensure your/your client's local business ranks in your area for multiple local search terms. All these we do to rank your local business at a fraction of the cost.

(ii) You can compare our winning list of SEO strategies at a 70% discount on what you can get elsewhere.

Essentially, we are covering all the aspects of Google's search algorithm for both local and Glocal SEO.

(iii) With years of trial and error, we have finally found the ranking with SEO "sweet spot" and crafted a secret SEO strategy. We identified SEO activities when used in the right proportions gives you a long-lasting result.

(iv) You do not need a monthly long-term contract, we recommend pitch our SEO plan and our strategy for just 3 months. We are so confident that if you/your client do not see movements in business ranking, we shall refund your money.

(v) We researched and found that if you individually purchase these services (à la carte) from Fiverr, your costs can add up to an excess of $2050.

For example, you can see most SEO service providers focus on only a particular link-building activity. It's a sheer waste of your money. You'll never achieve a long-term sustainable result.

Can I see some Local SEO Sample Reports?

Yes, of course. Please Click here for Local SEO Sample Reports for various local SEO solutions we are offering.

After order what do you need from me?
  • Download the business input Excel file from the download link you'll find on the thank-you page.
  • Provide us the Information Required.
  • Enter Your Order Number and registered email
  • Your Email Address For receiving The Reports (if different from the ordering email)
  • Mail your business and order details to
  • Sit back and relax while we do all the hard work for you
  • Prepare to handle more business and calls
  • Provide us a 5 star review only when you’re satisfied with our work
What we need from you to do on-page optimization?

1. Content Management System Log in Details (CMS Log in details)
Your site should be in WordPress, Weebly, Magento, Joomla, etc. We need Admin Access For On page SEO & Site SEO.

2. Cpanel Log in details Or FTP Access (For Image Optimization, .Htaccess, Site Map & Robot.txt)
Don’t hesitate. We are here to FIX Your website.

3. Content For Your Website. Important. Please read carefully.
While we take care of writing articles for link building and Web2.0 submissions, unfortunately we DO NOT write business content for your website. This order does not include such content writing scope. However, if you need help in writing professional content for your website, please let us know. We have tie-ups with professional writers. There will have an additional cost. The cost will be a flat fee of $100 for a 500 words killer content and with unlimited revisions. Please drop us a note if you need help on this.

Articles For Your Website. Important.
One article per search term you want to rank, example: “Dentists in Orlando” (Silo Site Structure & Optimized Each Page with SEO Score of 75% to 90%).
We Need Articles Of 1000 to 1500 words, with Keyword Density of 2% For Home page
We Need Articles Of 500 to 600 words, with Keyword Density of 2% For inside pages or posts.
Silo Site Structure
Home Page
Home Page -> link to Article page 1
Article Page 1-> link to Home Page and Article page 2
Article Page 2-> link to Home Page and Article page 3
Article Page 3-> link to Home Page and Article page 4
Article Page 4-> link to Home Page
If Your Site Has Enough Content Already, We will NOT Require Additional Articles or Content. We will Simply Optimize Your site using the Existing Content.

You can write articles on your own. Or You can hire excellent writers at,,, or any other marketplace.

What’s your Refund policy?

For all orders of 3 months and above subscriptions, we are providing100% money back.

Deluxe Plan 3 months subscription – Guaranteed 3 keywords ranked on Google Page#1 after 3 months of SEO efforts and with an additional 3 months of rank tracking.

Premium Plan 3 months subscription – Guaranteed 5 keywords ranked on Google Page#1 after 3 months of SEO efforts and with an additional 3 months of rank tracking.

Deluxe Plan 3 months subscription – Guaranteed 10 keywords ranked on Google Page#1 after 3 months of SEO efforts and with an additional 3 months of rank tracking.

We Take ALL the RISK so You and Your business are FULLY PROTECTED. That’s How Confident We are in Our Abilities to Deliver Outstanding Results.

IMPORTANT: FOR ONETIME ORDERS, the below guarantee applies

If you are not 100% satisfied with your purchase, within 60 days from the purchase date, we will fully refund the cost of your order.


​While no other SEO services provide guarantee a refund after starting the work, we DO honor requests for the refund (for Onetime orders) only on one or more of the below conditions:

  • Non-delivery of the product as per the committed time (after receiving the business information from you).
  • ​Major defects or broken links
  • ​Services are not-as-described


In the unlikely event of a refund, we shall keep the rights to delete all the links or profiles we might


95% in terms of those who make money – We only work with those who we know we can help. Unfortunately, even with all the tools in the world and highly individualized support, some individuals still won’t put the work in and there is nothing we can do for that 5%.

Do you guarantee 3-pack Maps ranking?

YES. We guarantee ranking of your local business on Google my Business based on your search term keywords. However, our guarantee is valid when you buy the relevant plan for 3 months or more. Our local SEO service plans are extremely affordable and you'll get a real value for money.

However, you need to understand that SEO is not a magic, rather a process which involves various strategies together to help sites rank better. Google's local SEO algorithm considers 3 things: (i) Building your brand prominence (through your website, video marketing), (ii) Local relevancy of your products or services in your market area and (iii) Proximity of your service area to your local market or customer location. We will not guarantee 3- pack immediately after completion, however, we have many client testimonials whose rankings improved within a brief span of 3-4 weeks. Please check some use cases where we could get permission from our customer to showcase.

How long will it take to see the ranking results?

It all depends on which Google Map Ranking strategy you wish to employ. Example: It depends on your present site structure, your brand prominence, customer reviews, your competition of the keywords and the city/area/location you are trying to rank. Ideally we recommend our clients to start a view of 3-4 months.Very likely you can see the results fast.

Do You Work Local SEO for NON English sites?

Yes, of course. We are doing Multilingual SEO Since 2012. Thanks to, “Magnus”, our client. We are doing SEO and local for NON English sites like Germany, Sweden, Denmark, Italy, Hindi and many more.

Do You have White Label Local SEO Program?

Yes, we have a white label SEO service program. If you'll be interested, please contact us with your interest.

What is difference between Local SEO and Global SEO?

The search engine crawlers are getting faster and smarter
by the day, so merely placing your website amidst a
Cluster of similar ones will no longer cut it. The rules are way different for the ranking of local businesses.
compared to ranking a national or global eCommerce

We discussed this in this (local SEO tips) page about why it is so important for your local
Brick and mortar offline business found on top of the Local search. The high visibility of your businesses in local.
search and paid business listing directories (local
business citations) leads to more direct contact and foot
traffic to your physical shop or your local services, rather
than your website visits.

Optimizing the design of your website, responsive design with mobile accessibility, voice search optimization.
on-page optimization of your business website and social media profiles are necessary for building your brand.

With local search engine marketing (local search engine optimization) you’re aiming to achieve different goals.


Absolutely, anyone can do it! You just need to follow the marketing steps in your local area.